Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loving this...

Ceramic artist Molly Hatch creates the most beautiful, ethereal ceramics - they're divine and I wish that I had one of these lovely creations to sit upon my shelf so that I could look upon it each and every day.

Molly has a MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. She works from her New England studio. What a talented lady!
All images courtesy Molly Hatch.


Catherine said...

These are lovely - I especially love the colour of the cups in the first photo.
Thanks for the blogging space tag -I'll do it later in the week.
Lucky you, working from home! I do it ocassionally, and get so much done, but then again I think I'd miss my work friends if I did it too often.

Mrs B said...

I just love anything at the moment with birds on it. I even went out yesterday to buy some pillow cases with these adorable little birds on them. I also like anything that has branches or trees as a design...those cups are just so adorable!
Mrs B

Millie said...

I'd be happy with any of these gorgeous creatures - what a lovely find Lee!
Millie ^_^

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