Friday, February 13, 2009

Objects of significance

To be thought of and be loved - and to love in return - is one of the most precious gifts a person can have in life. I feel unbelievably happy and honoured to be loved by my family.

Just recently my son gave me flowers from our garden...

And my gorgeous sister, whom I'm incredibly fond of, gave me this Mor Hespera hand cream (it smells simply divine)...

My husband Rob gave me this jaunty fedora for no reason at all other than he thought it might look nice on me...

Image courtesy of Elk.

And while these objects are significant because they've recently been given to me by loved ones, what's actually led me to this post is a terrific little book titled, 'Taking things seriously: 75 objects with unexpected significance'. It's a cracker!Image courtesy of the Book Depository.

As the introduction in the book explains:
'Step into the living room, study, office, studio, or den of just about any engaged, imaginative, passionate individual and you'll gravitate toward an item that although it may not appear particularly valuable, is reverentially displayed as though it were a precious and irreplaceable artifact. Inquire about the object's provenance and you'll be treated to a lively anecdote about how it came into your host's possession. Keep digging and you might just crack the code of what the thing means.'

I mean, there's the story of a guy for whom a particular light bulb holds special significance - and when you read the story you completely understand why.

Well, this got me thinking...what's my 'significant object'? I'd be inclined to say that it's a little glass bottle that I've imbued with special significance. I found it when we were excavating our back yard to build our extension. There it was, in all its glory, catching the sunlight even though it was shrouded by the mud and dirt. It drew me to it - I picked up this little bottle, cleaned it up as best as I could and gave it another life as a bud vase. I look at it often and it reminds me that our old Edwardian house has a long, rich history - it had a life well before we got here, and it will have a life long after we have gone. (Sorry I don't actually have a picture of it though!!).

Do you have an object with unexpected significance? It's an interesting question isn't it.


Heather said...

Interesting. I don't know what actual significance it has besides it belonging to my father, but I have a little milk jug in the shape of an elephant that is very precious. It was given to him for I think what was his 8th birthday. He is from a large farming family so I think its the unexpectedness of such a gift for an 8 year old that makes it so special. He turns 80 in April.

Jacky said...

Great post Lee.... really gets you thinking.

My most significant item ???? I am a hoarder and seem to keep many significant pieces around me...all special for so many reasons.

I enjoyed reading back through your posts this week.

Jacky xox

A-M said...

What a sweet little story. I have a lot of little 'significants' that have been packed away in boxes for years while we wait to finish our house. I can't wait to savour their unwrapping. Sounds like a delightful book. I will look for it! A-M xx

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